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10 Ways to Get Your Kids Eating Food!

Yes … you are here for your cherub … Well, there are more than a handful of these cherubs! Feeding kids is the hardest fight of all moms … well, dads too! And the suffering of that bite in their very small mouth begins from the moment they meet one.

While the nutritious foods you prepare for your little one give heavenly satisfaction, the hassle of trying to insert it into their stomachs is nothing short of hell. You may feel helpless and disappointed, but you still have reason to smile. (Yes, that’s nice, they think they’re smarter than us). You can creatively entertain them and make them enjoy the foods you have prepared for them.

Well, a 22-year-old can be tough too … but we don’t agree with them. Babies should be spoon-fed (literally) until about five years old, depending on their eating habits. Maybe you’re still running after your five-year-old with a plate full of food or enjoying a relaxed family meal with a two-year-old who simply bites into the food immediately offered. You still don’t need to be discouraged. You can try some of these things, considering the age of your child …

1) Story time: create a short story. Bring animals, impertinent and beautiful, those who eat and those who do not eat, and let the sequence develop at the speed with which your child begins to eat that bite.

2) Time for songs: songs never go out of style; It’s a creative pastime for all ages, one to five years old! If you don’t know a lot of songs, just create a song about food, animals … or a favorite character your child loves to watch.

3) Gameplay: “Bite and then let’s kick that ball” or “Eat, then hide and I’ll find you” … Well, there are so many games you can create and play … Every time you take turns. But always, make sure your child bites their food.

4) Draw and color: Ask the children to eat while they create their masterpiece. Whenever they need a bite, just step in to help. And just as there are no free lunches, there is no free creative help without food!

5) Teddy Gathering: Get your stuffed animals (dolls, dolls, bunnies, etc.) to sit together for a little picnic … and make sure your child is one of the guests. Let him eat, as do obedient dolls and dolls!

6) 20-minute picnics: Although this is not an all-time choice, if you have a small garden in or around your house, take the child outside for a little walk from time to time. Even if it doesn’t look like a complete picnic (complete with a Frisbee basket, mat and plate), it can be a fun treat in your garden.

7) Family Fun – If you can get your wife or one of your older siblings to join the fight, it can become family fun. Just let your wife or yourself do something fun to dance to or create fun sounds … even an older sibling can do it … and that can certainly distract and entice the baby as you slide gently into that mouthpiece.

8) Friends forever: If your child enjoys the company of other children (some two- to four-year-olds are afraid or are afraid of other children), they can choose friends ’meal times. If your child has friends in the area, you can schedule such a date for one or two days a week. Let the mothers meet the children and drink their meals in a common place. It could also be a nice party for moms!

9) Create with food: this is a very interesting option. It boosts your creative buds and kids can enjoy eating it. Your kids between the ages of two and five love it. Let them nibble on a sandwich where grated cheese hair, olive eyes, tomato smile, cucumber ears! Present food creatively. The next time you want to serve yogurt to your child, just pour a small cup filled with delicious sliced fruit and yogurt. So call it a rainbow on a cloud?

10) Calm down: the difficult decision! Let your child eat alone. Children also need their freedom. Most of the time they like to start on their own … just to realize that it’s not easy to keep eating. This is where you need to step in and make them finish their meal. But as a courtesy, always let your five-year-old start his meal on his own.



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