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Are Child Support Laws Equitable and Fair For Both Parents

I know that both this article and this topic will affect many positive and negative people, both parents. I just asked men and women and was surprised. They both favored her and agreed with her. So what is it? Child support! Did you know that child support is determined by the income of the non-caring parent? Yes, I’m sure most of you know. However, would most of you agree that child support laws are outdated and distorted and need to be changed?

If the support payments depend on the income of the non-custodial parent, what happens to the increase in money that the custodial parent receives after the child’s needs are met? Most non-caring parents want to be responsible for payments received. I agree. During the divorce process, both parties must send a financial statement showing all their expenses, assets and income. So why should foster parents not have to identify and send monthly expenses for the child or children to establish support payments? If only $ 500 is needed for a child’s monthly expenses and the custodial parent receives $ 1,200, the remaining $ 700 is custody support. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? The question posed to men and women is, are foster parents responsible for the child support payments they receive?

Child support laws have changed in many states to include both parents ’income, however they need to be changed nationally for child support to be based on each child’s expenses. Most non-caring parents will stop avoiding child support and those who are reluctant to pay child support will pay child support as it will depend on the child’s expenses and needs. To keep child support fair for both parents, this small change can be easily implemented by creating child support.

Kristi is pregnant by her ex-boyfriend and came to my office for advice on how to continue her relationship with her child’s father. At first she was angry and disappointed, but happy to have a baby. He did not want the father to get involved with the fetus and wanted to do everything on his own. I thought about how selfish he is, but explained that his son would benefit from the involvement of both parents in his life. In another session, we talked about the amount of child support you should receive. I asked her to write down all the expenses she would make to have the baby, as well as the monthly budget for child care. She mentioned the expenses during a subsequent session and suggested that this is the amount she is asking for child support and the father’s budget. When he returned, his relationship with his father turned positive. Kristi told me that she is reassured that she is fair and only deciding the financial responsibility to raise her son.

However, the aspect of child support is changing. Statistics show that 85% of guarded fathers are mothers and 15% are fathers. The segment / number of the fasting parent population is the parents. More and more parents are fighting for custody and in today’s changing world; More parents are receiving custody of their children.


I hope the laws will change in the future to allow foster parents to determine their children’s or children’s monthly expenses when they live with child support. More unattended parents will stop avoiding child support and will spend more quality time with their children. Since 1975, more than $ 100 billion has been owed on unpaid child support. Of the amount owed, 70% of harmless parents earn less than $ 10,000 a year. This number continues to grow due to the economy and the high unemployment due to the number of unemployed people. However, if both parents work together to achieve the same goals, and those goals are to love and provide physical, emotional and spiritual protection to our children, then we are giving our children the best.



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