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Best Electric Toothbrush For Kids

The conversation has now shifted from whether children should use an electric toothbrush to choosing the best electric toothbrush for children.

Dentists are clear in their recommendations. An electric toothbrush has many advantages for even the youngest users. It helps to make brushing more enjoyable and therefore easier for children to get used to brushing their teeth.

So how can you find the best electric toothbrush for kids? There are some things to remember that are different from those that guide your adult shopping choices.

1. Children are easily afraid

Electric toothbrushes can get a little used to it. They vibrate and make strange noises during cleaning. The feeling in your mouth can be uncomfortable at first. Babies are also more sensitive to diarrhea, making it difficult to experience using an electric toothbrush.

Because their air passages are smaller, children find larger brush heads more uncomfortable than adults. Gentle brushing and choosing the right size brush heads are important steps to make sure your kids enjoy using an electric toothbrush. Remember, the goal is for children to have fun brushing their teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene.

2. Children want guidance

Parents are often the first to have a child seek advice on anything. If you show me the right way to use a toothbrush, the kids will gladly follow the same and have fun with one. So before planning to buy an electric baby toothbrush, it might be a good idea for parents to buy one and start using it in front of them, just to show them that it’s a “good thing”, even a lot of fun.

3. Observe how the babies breathe

Most babies breathe mainly through the nose, but some breathe through the mouth. This means that they breathe through their mouths instead of through their noses. Of course for these children using a toothbrush is more uncomfortable and unpleasant than for others.

Aside from its sensitivity to vomiting and small airways, the thought of putting a large toothbrush in your mouth can seem daunting. If you notice that your child is breathing with their mouth, you can compensate by making some adjustments to the brushing process.

Start with a small brush. Keep brushing sessions. be good. Make sure there is a positive tone for the whole experience. Introduce new aspects gradually rather than rush to teach everything to the child in two lessons.

4. Go slowly with the toothpaste

In fact, children do not need toothpaste to clean their teeth until they are about five years old. Some kids don’t like the taste. Others may not enjoy the sticky, sticky feeling of the gel in their mouth. This can delay brushing, not to mention using an electric toothbrush.

If you start with dry brushing, children will more often enjoy the experience and continue to brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes instead of giving up in seconds. The duration of brushing is much more important to achieve dental health than using toothpaste. In fact, only 15% of the effect of brushing your teeth comes from the toothpaste itself. Most cleaning takes place due to brush movements, the type of brush head that reaches all areas of the inside of the mouth and brushes long enough.

Considering these factors, let’s talk about choosing the best electric toothbrush for kids.

The most important things first. Children do not need as much of an electric toothbrush as they need to develop good brushing habits. Fortunately, it helps make the process easier and thus increases the chance that children will develop the habit of brushing their teeth quickly compared to using a hand toothbrush.



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