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Best Things to Do in Dubai With Kids

Being a modern city, Dubai not only offers great shopping for people, but also perfect places to entertain children. Dubai has everything for everyone and that is why families with young children have many options to take them to some of the best amusement parks.

You can do a lot of things with kids in Dubai. People can choose to visit water parks, amusement parks, beaches and sights with their children. Dubai fulfills the recreational needs of all children. Dubai’s beaches are great, but you have to be careful when choosing the day and time before visiting your kids. The temperature can be extreme and children will fall due to the heat.

The possibilities are endless in Dubai for children and their families. To help you choose from the various options, here is a short guide on some of the best places and things to do in Dubai with kids:

1. Rest in summer at Ski Dubai

Visiting one of the largest indoor ice parks in the world is one of the best things to do in Dubai with the kids in the scorching summer heat. Not only children, but even adults will feel refreshed after wading in the snow. Ski Dubai, a winter wonderland, is one of the city’s most incomparable recreational districts, built within the Emirates ’giant Mall.

People can have fun with their kids on the lifts, skating, sledding, with live penguins, skating and 5 ski slopes. The snow produced by the Snow Rifles at Ski Dubai is completely chemical and therefore not at all harmful. Everyone with their kids can throw snowballs and have fun in addition to different snow games.

2. Enjoy an exciting experience at Sega Republic

Sega Republic is built inside the Dubai Mall, a two-level indoor amusement park. Upon entering this high adrenaline amusement park, one will not want to leave without spending the whole day. The Republic offers many exciting attractions for children and adults including innovative action simulators, virtual experiences, 170-game games and action games.

Sega Republic’s adrenaline accelerators include mechanical tornadoes, racing simulators, a freely falling tower and a relatively small wave rail. The amusement park is built on two floors along with a huge inner courtyard controlled by volunteers. Adults can leave their children on the playground when they have to compete in a head-to-head self-simulated race.

3. Let your child be a professional for a day at KidZania

KidZania is definitely one of the things to “do” with kids in Dubai. It is an interesting little world of young professionals built in the Dubai Mall. At KidZania, children dress up and imitate the role of firefighter, pilot, doctor, mechanic, cook, banker, cashier and more. They even get paid for their work and use their salaries to buy goods and services within this township.

All activities at KidZania help children explore and learn different work procedures, as well as the value of money. Parents can leave their children here and enjoy shopping. Additionally, there is also a nursery and a children’s area within KidZania. It is certainly a safe and unique world for children that offers entertainment along with a real learning environment.

4. Slide and learn on the Dubai skating rink

The Olympic ice road is another major attraction at the Dubai Mall and one of the “essential” things with kids in Dubai. It is a perfect place for children to relax and practice snowboarding tricks with the help of experienced teachers. Don’t worry, salads provide little penguin mates for kids, helping them balance out.

The Dubai Skating Academy (DIRSA) was presented at the Dubai Skating Rink, where children and adults alike can learn to skate from basic to advanced. Now if the kids are passionate about snowboarding, parents can enroll them in DIRSA and make them trained snowboarders. Therefore, Dubai Ice Road can be a constant distraction for children.

5. Cool off at Wild Wadi Water Park

To have fun with the kids, Wild Wadi Water Park is the best choice, located right in front of the beautiful Burj Al Arab. Is your theme in the story of Juha, a famous figure from Arabic folklore? Wild Wadi is a must-see in Dubai with children, offering 30 rides and other interesting attractions.



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