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Chores Make Kids Successful and Happy

Well, I can’t guarantee the happy promise, but a recent article “Science Says Parents Of Successful Children Have These 13 Things In Common” posted in Tech Insider lists homework as one of the factors that can lead to success. Children as adults. . Writer Julie Lithcott-Heims (How to Grow an Adult) is cited as a compliment for household chores because it teaches children that they must “do life’s work to be a part of life.”

Let’s take a look at the usefulness of tasks a little more deeply (and I’ll lay out my unproven theory as to why it also makes kids happy).

1. Doing homework increases self-confidence

Self-confidence is trust in one’s worth and abilities. Young children may not have learned to read and older children may struggle with splitting or long squares, but most children may learn to make their beds and sweep the floor. Are these tasks worth it? Of course they are. And it is much easier for a child to understand the benefit of a clean floor than to understand where algebra will work in their lives. Children who feel capable and competent have a higher self-confidence. Management is an area in which most children can develop their competence relatively easily.

2. Doing homework makes children feel miserable

When we expect the hands and feet of our children, we give them a false appreciation of their importance. Paradoxically, how to deeply praise children, doing everything for children does not build their meaning of importance; Let children get lost and separate. What kids want to feel is that they matter because their families need them. When Dill in Kill a Mockingbird explains to Scout, the main character, why he is running away from home, Scout asks himself, “What would I do if Atticus [her father] did not feel the need for my presence, my help and advice.” (143 ). A Scout is deeply aware of her place in her family and knows how important it is for her to feel needed. Contributing to the well-being of the family by doing homework is a great way for children to feel an integral part of the wheel of peaceful family life.

3. Doing housekeeping participates in work

In previous generations families had many children precisely because a large workforce was needed just to run the farm or family business. Once they were able to walk, the children were given simple tasks. Thus all living tasks were accomplished and families flourished. Today, although more tasks are automated and there are fewer tasks at home, people are also much more busy outside the home.

4. Doing homework reduces stress for parents.

With only 28% of children helping out regularly, parents return home after a full work day and face a night full of homework. Just thinking about it is exhausting. Parents complain that they do not have time to be together with their children. But it’s because your kids are watching TV. Or playing video games while your parents bring dinner? How do you take the kids into the kitchen with you? One child can grate the cheese while another chops the vegetables.

5. Doing homework teaches children at home skills that they can use in school.

Ho? How does laundry help you write a clear and grounded essay? Well, washing laundry teaches you responsibility, accountability, planning, detailed attention and following (have you ever molded into a set of clothes because you forgot to put them in the dryer?).

And that’s not all !!

So here you have four arguments for homework that increase your children’s happiness and one argument for homework that increases their success in school (not to mention later in life). Here’s another argument: doing homework as children helps teach children early on about work-life balance. Life is not just about doing homework, faithfully practicing the piano and playing football.



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