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How to Raise Confident, Curious and Creative Kids

How to raise a child’s creativity, curiosity and self-confidence

What do you want most for your children? Is it a life of happiness in which you enjoy every moment of looking at your life as an adventure? Or is it a life where they can live their lives courageously through creative thinking in their daily lives? Regardless of the dreams we have for our children, imagination, creativity, curiosity and faith in children play an important role in realizing these dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt, the famous American diplomat, once said, “I think that at the birth of a child, if a mother could ask a fairy godfather to give her a very useful gift, that gift must be curiosity.” Do you think you would like to receive such a gift for your son? I certainly hope I have installed such a wonderful dream for 9 long months. But then, when my kids were growing up, I realized the fact that it didn’t have to be a dream. In fact it is possible to raise our children creative, curious and self-confident if parents have the basic insights and knowledge to engage in their creativity. Nor is it a difficult process.

I wonder why? This is because children are born curious. We just have to encourage them to take part in their expeditions. Children have an innate quality of absorbing information easily and therefore when we build their sense of adventure, this will encourage children to strive to learn and understand new things. The more things they find for themselves, the easier it will be for them to come up with creative ideas. Believe it or not, all of these things are not easy not only on paper, but also in fact, because they are several simple things we can do to increase your curiosity.

Now is the time to give advice that will help us raise confident, curious and creative children. Some of them are:

1) Encourage curiosity: Asking children’s questions is a great way to stimulate their curiosity. It won’t be one-sided, as you’ve already guessed, because kids are known to be good at asking questions. This two-way process is one of the best and easiest ways to increase your curiosity. Encourage children to find answers for themselves and improve their independence. Always try to expand your knowledge.

2) Communication: communicating to children those things that make them think. This gives them the opportunity or the ability to form their own opinions. When this kind of communication happens, you can increase your curiosity and confidence. Children become more attentive and aware of their surroundings. In addition it helps parents understand what really matters to all children.

3) Open atmosphere: This is a prerequisite, as children can freely express their ideas only in an environment where there are not many inhibitions. When children are looking for new experiences and ideas, they can increase their critical thinking and problem solving.

4) Appropriate Resources: When we provide sufficient resources for the unstructured and unbridled activities aimed at children in the right direction, we give them enough space for the vast growth of creative expressions. It’s not hard because we can use our shared experiences instead of buying kids with expensive and luxurious things.

5) Confidence-Building: If we really want our children to be self-confident, we need to make children see things in a variety of ways and ways, and then make children believe in them through our belief in them. This in turn would help support the child’s interests.

6) Allow Bugs – There are very likely many bugs in this fun process. The important thing to remember here is that mistakes that children make should be viewed as opportunities, not failed attempts. Only when we allow children to make mistakes will they not fear failure and not trust children. If children are afraid of failure, there are fewer opportunities to try new things.

7) Timely Gratitude – Show and show real interest and gratitude for what they do – Most often children can understand when we falsify these feelings. Be with them when you have time, because that encourages the kids even more.



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