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Is It Advisable to Leave Your German Shepherd With Kids

How safe is it to leave a German shepherd with children? Kids all over the world love dogs as pets and their dogs don’t have to be any different. If you bring a puppy when your child is young, he can grow up with your child and establish bonds of love and trust.

The behavior of this dog with children is mainly loving and patient and is considered very safe. It is an intelligent and loving race by nature. Most dogs with children will not show their love publicly and will be very protective when a child plays.

Although it is safe to leave them with children, it is a good idea to control them while they play. Most pets tend to wander when babies pull their ears or put on their coat. A German Shepherd may not be actively running and playing with your baby and will have a more protective nature when he watches him from a distance. His role is more of a guard than a playmate.

Most children like to touch and feel the dog and often react patiently and calmly. However some dogs may also choose to leave when the child shows too much excitement while playing.

You will be surprised to learn that each breed of dog has a different personality and their levels of patience can vary greatly due to this. By looking closely, you will be able to identify the unique personality of your pet. While some dogs can be very playful with their children, there are others who prefer to stay away from them.

A German Shepherd puppy can be more playful than an adult dog. This dog breed is considered the perfect companion for humans and is always ready to please them. They are large animals and you will need to consider this factor when you bring them to your family.

Depending on how they grow and train, the German Shepherd with children is very compatible. Good company and training will help this dog breed interact wonderfully with children. If the dog is socializing in his formative years, it will be even better, especially for children.

Although this dog breed is not very aggressive, it is best to control your children when they play with them. Sometimes children can provoke your dog into aggressive behavior because your children may not be very disciplined while playing.

Sometimes the behavior of a puppy or adult dog can confuse children and you will have to watch them so that no harm is done to them unconsciously. If your child is very young, it is best to avoid a fight with such a large dog, as he may not be aware of its strength and will not be able to control it properly.



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