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Kids and Remarriage – So What Do You Tell Them

Getting married again and having kids with you can make life difficult for you. On the one hand, you have finally found your perfect match and you want to spend the rest of your life with this person. On the other hand you don’t want to take the wrong steps that will damage your children’s future. Disseminating the news of this marriage to your children can be quite difficult. But don’t make it so hard for them to suddenly drop the marriage bomb.

How do you return marriage information to your children?

Instead of suddenly delivering the news to your children, you should first introduce your child to the new person in their life. Tell your children and tell them how much you love this new person and also make it clear to your children that this new adult relationship will in no way change the dynamics of the relationship between you and your children.

Include your children in your plans. Bring your lover and your kids to movies or restaurants and let them spend time together so they can feel comfortable. Then slowly introduce the news of the marriage to your children as smoothly as possible.

If your kids are already making friends with your new love interest and spending time together doing fun things, they won’t be surprised by the news.

Be the first to announce the news

However you should always give the news to your children. If your children find out about your plans to remarry from others, they may feel anger, frustration, and insecurity and indulge in violent behavior.

Age of children

If your children are very young, explaining the concept of remarriage to them can be very difficult. But you should and you can ask your divorce for help.

In teens, you need to worry more about time. Try to avoid scaring your teenager when he engages in tests or heartbreaks. Try to find a quiet time and place where you can discuss this topic with your child without interruption. Try to answer all your questions.

Your adult children may have long guessed that you will get married soon, so they will already be mentally ready to hear the “news”.


Not all children respond equally to the newly found happiness of their parents. While some children completely separate their parents and take months or years to accept marriage again and a new person in their life, others welcome their love interest with open arms.

Be prepared to deal with anger, emotional outbursts, accusations, rebellious antisocial behavior, tears, drama, and a refusal to accept this marriage again.



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