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Kids Decals Growth Charts – A Fun Way to Measure Up!

Before I became a mother, I never realized how fast children grow up. When I was a kid, I couldn’t grow up fast enough! Now, as a mom, my kids can’t stay young enough! Either way, tracking your children’s growth can be a fun and memorable activity. You may have kept the measurements with feather markings on the back of the door or on the wall. Now you can add style to your way of tracking your children’s growth.

If you don’t know baby badges, let me reach you quickly. Stickers are a growing trend in the interior architectural world and they are nothing short of amazing! They are thin, flexible yet sturdy vinyl stickers that can be removed and repositioned multiple times. Does not leave a sticky residue and does not peel paint. Most people think only of using baby stickers on the walls or furniture, but they really give endless possibilities to decorate children’s living space, make art and gifts. Baby stickers come in all shapes, sizes and themes.

Growth letters of baby stickers come in many fun and affordable styles; You are sure to find a growth chart that tracks not only your child’s changing stature, but also their unique interests and passions! Watch your little girl grow up with little Princess Kids little stickers! Or try measuring her growth with Barbie! These beautiful growth letters come with repositionable height markers and additional decorative elements. Fun, beautiful and interactive all in one!

Find out how to measure your kids with Bob The Builder Kids Poster Growth Charts. Use peeling and sticking tools as markers or just decorative objects. Or watch the growth of Thomas ’little fans and friends with this beautiful Thomas Friends Poster Growth Chart for kids. Glue the board to any wall, door, or mirror, and use additional bags and arrows as repositionable signs. Keep yourself and your kids on the right track! These growth boards can not only add decorative fun to your child’s walls, but they also relax (who doesn’t love the comfort?).

For families who want to compare their children’s different heights, there are fun options for you too! The Woodland Friends Growth Chart is a good measure for many children because it is gender neutral. That way your boys and girls will be just as excited! This baby poster comes with 4 “leaf” tags usable as growth tags. There are so many adorable forest animals and birds that your kids will love them! It is fully assembled and over 7 feet high. Long! The ruler starts at the bottom of the stem, at 24 inches, and goes up to 60 inches!

A little compilation advice for your growth charts. If you put the stickers a little behind you, that gives the whole image a 3D look! Because these baby stickers are removable, you can customize the items as often as you need until they match perfectly. It’s really a lot of fun!

I know myself, I often have good intentions to stay side-by-side with children’s books, memory books and growth lists, but unfortunately I often fall off the wagon! With growing letters about baby stickers, couldn’t it be easier to stay side-by-side with your baby’s growth spurts? Instead of running to get a pencil whenever it happens to you … distract yourself (God knows that always happens) … then forget (I think there is something sadly real about the “mother brain” theory) …. and as you and I know, the cycle continues!

Growing up letters are not only a fun activity, but they are also great for kids in quantity to see how much they have grown. As you evaluate their new vertical achievements, take the opportunity to encourage them on how they are also growing in character and personality. Kids love to hear all the ways we love them and think they are special!



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