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Managing Your Parenting Time

Managing schedules for families living under one roof can be difficult due to the current work demands and social activities of parents, along with their children’s education and performance. Things get even more difficult for divorced or separated parents who may not get along with them and who may find it difficult to communicate even the simplest things. If these parents relocate to second families with their own pressures, schedules, and time demands, this can result in an extremely annoying time management nightmare. Most of us are unable to hire a personal secretary to manage our time. So what to do?

The most effective step is perhaps to document parenting time in a calendar shared between the parents. I recommend taking one day each year to create a calendar that documents parenting time for the coming year. Once the calendar is created, it can be given to the other parent for review, and after correcting errors, it can be blessed and shared as an agreed common schedule. It can also be shared with other stakeholders such as grandparents and even the children themselves.

It could be argued that parental time is fluid and fluid and that such a strict calculation of their schedule is not necessary. Yes, co-parenting for non-cohabiting parents works best if each parent is allowed to meet the other parent’s needs and schedules. But the presence of the calendar does not mean that it cannot be changed as needed. However, even if the parents are flexible, each parent should do their best to organize their life according to the parent’s schedule only when absolutely necessary and when doing so will have little effect on the other parent’s schedule.

There are many advantages to having a relatively predictable parenting plan and documenting that plan through a common calendar. One of the main advantages is that it allows for long-term planning of your children’s absence, perhaps with a new spouse. It is a good idea to be able to do your research months in advance and schedule the time yourself.

Another feature is to remind each parent when they are responsible for taking their child. In the end, everyone is wrong. In the many years when I was a co-parent, I took my daughter twice on the wrong day and once didn’t take her on the day that was my responsibility. My 22-year-old daughter still reminds me a few times of the time I “dropped” her in preschool 14 years ago. Common orthodontics can be especially important in conflict situations where parents have difficulty communicating. Once the calendar is created and shared, each parent can name it independently.

Even your kids can use the calendar to plan their activities. For example, they may want to get together to work on a homework project with a friend who lives close to their mother when they plan to be with their mother, or they plan to sleep with a friend who lives near their father when they are with their father. dad. Other benefits may include third parties such as grandparents. They may want to plan a birthday party or just visit when they know their grandchildren are around.

When Google Calendar appeared, the process became easier. I removed my giant wall calendar. Then I enter the contents of my paper calendar into Google’s electronic calendar. When this process was over, I shared the version online with my ex-wife for her to review. After reviewing and basically correcting the mistakes we made. Once in Google, the calendar can be printed, easily transferred to other planners, and even downloaded to your phone. On Google, you can also see a parent calendar overridden by other calendars at the same time. For example, you might avoid planning a business meeting at the end of the day if you also plan to gather your kids for that day. You can also set a notification to automatically notify you of parent time via email or phone. If it is necessary to change the day, it can be activated by email, which can change the calendar immediately available to all who share the calendar. Things have improved a lot.



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