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Parental Alienation Who’s Best Interest

Our children were not born to hate, they grew up to hate. – Thomas Della Perotta

If you don’t know what “parental alienation” is, you probably haven’t enjoyed a divorce with children; Not to mention a “prominent” dispute over a war dispute. Veterans know exactly what that means: the suffering of a non-caring parent and the emotional problems of children separated from a parent.

Unfortunately, parental alienation, this is one of those topics that unless you are in or around someone who has experienced something like this, you probably have no idea what it’s about. It is one of those larger problematic entities that has been neglected. As child abuse, we all know physical, sexual, mental, and emotional abuse, but alienation from parents is rarely noticed. Unfortunately, despite its inattention, it is a form of child abuse with a high rate of physical forms.

As a result of my children’s parental alienation experiences, two years after signing the articles that continue to this day, I asked the Governor of my state for a Declaration of Related Alienation Awareness on April 25, 2011. On April 31, 2011, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallen signed my statement.

Advertising is defined as: evidence; The act of provoking or advertising any state matter. a written or printed document containing such matters, issued by the competent authority; As a proclamation of the president, a proclamation of the governor and a proclamation of the mayor. An act of officially declaring to the general public that the government has acted in a certain way. A written or printed document issued by a senior government executive, such as the president or governor, that specifies such a government statement.

Ironically, although parental alienation is a child’s mental and psychological manipulation that greatly damages them mentally, emotionally, and psychologically, it is not technically recognized by the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association. However, it is recognized in many other states in the United States and in areas of Canada.

Stepping forward, many courts have acknowledged that … there is a good limit to what you should and should not cross when it comes to who you should protect. Many courts have standards, “Do what is best for the child,” and have adopted the motto “Let’s do this until you stop arguing.”

The judge, my ex-wife’s lawyer, not even the one I named after my children, wanted to acknowledge the parental alienation that occurs with my children.

The Capital Weekly article quotes: “Parental alienation is a risky accusation that should never be admitted in court or considered particularly convincing in cases deciding custody of children, especially when the difficult and deep questions are resolved. From the horrific scenario to return that child. to prison .. The home of the perpetrator of domestic violence.


Until 1968, ADHD was considered “minimal brain damage,” “minimal brain damage” and “learning / behavioral disabilities” to “ADDITION with or without hyperactivity.” Then in 1987, the name was again changed to standalone ADHD for DSM-III and still to this day. This is just one example of how otherwise it has been recognized and developed, due to a lack of better terminology of “disorderly” changes over time in our society.


With the alienation of a parent, the separated parent avoids, as much as possible, contact or rejects contact between the children and the other (target) parent. Our children are brainwashed against the other parent (the target), and many times they tell the court to lie against that parent and tell them they don’t want to see that parent. But that’s the problem with the court. Communication with many parents miserably fails in cases of parental alienation. Because of the content of their discussions, I find it hard to believe that judges and lawyers ignore the phenomenon of patriarchal alienation.



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