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Parenting Tips For Healthy, Effective Parenting

Many parents are hungry for healthy parenting advice and effective parenting tips. Responsible Children’s Network offers tips for parents to encourage and maintain a reliable parenting.

I didn’t expect education to be that difficult

New parents may not be ready for the joyful but stressful journey that awaits them during parenting. It is important for all parents to realize that the fact that a person is capable of having children does not naturally provide the patience and knowledge necessary to be an effective and healthy parent. Gaining knowledge about the nature of children and healthy and effective parenting patterns will help parents be calmer and enable parents to be more effective in raising responsible children.

I hope my father is different from my father

Often a parent may be aware of the uneventful moments in their childhood and would like parents to be different after he or she has children. At all ages and stages of our children’s lives, we can remember how our parents reacted in similar situations. Previous generations did not have the information we now have about health education. But family loyalties and inheritances in each family showed a significant influence on parenting.

I am kind to my son but then he misbehaves

Parents and other caregivers sometimes hope that if they act kindly to a child, the child will act in return. This is known as the “tethering” method. Adults (and some older children) may be related to the concept of fair giving and taking, but most children are not mature enough to respond in this way. Expecting this level of maturity, a parent is unfair to their child. The executive function of parenting cannot be achieved only through love and understanding. Effective discipline promotes self-confidence, self-respect, and self-control, and maintains a positive parent-child relationship.

Am I a bad parent when I get angry with my child?

Anger is a natural and inevitable emotion and it is good to feel anger about a child. The key is for parents to learn healthy ways to express anger to their children. Anger is usually a secondary emotion, so discovering the underlying emotions (frustration, disappointment, embarrassment, etc.) can be helpful in controlling how anger is expressed. In these emotionally charged times, parents take on the role of the child in treating anger.

Me and my baby are completely different and we always meet

The formation of a child consists of ages, stages of development, uniqueness, maturity level and situational factors. The uniqueness of a child (or person) includes the individual nature of temperament, intelligence, mastery of the brain, talent, and learning styles. If these unique traits of the child do not “match” with the unique traits of the father, there may not be an “appropriate good” and can result in powerful struggles and misunderstandings.

Is it okay to hit my child?

Surveillance and other forms of corporal punishment are not a healthy or effective way to discipline children. The goal of discipline is to teach children appropriate behavior and self-control. Cheek slapping can teach children to stop doing something out of fear. Despite some basic attitudes and beliefs that beating is an effective way to discipline children, extensive research suggests that any form of corporal punishment will negatively affect a child’s self-confidence and the parent-child relationship.

My wife and I don’t have the same parenting style

Juggling with different parenting styles can be difficult for many couples. Consistent messages from parents to children are an essential component of healthy and effective education. Often when we talk and marry our spouse, we don’t even think about parenting styles, and then we have kids and suddenly differences in parenting style can appear.

How can I be a good father?

A healthy and active parent is a prepared parent who understands a child’s needs. There are no “perfect parents” as there are no “perfect kids”. The pursuit of perfection in all fields of parenting can only cause frustration and stress. Parents have many opportunities every day to provide a healthy and reliable education for their children.



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