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Raising Mal-Adjusted Kids in 6 Easy Steps!

Want to know the secrets of educating negative and emotionally unstable children? Do you want to learn how to raise children who grow up to be angry, jealous, and bitter adults? Would you like to learn how to destroy your child’s self-confidence so that he can start drinking and using drugs as soon as possible? Are you interested in converting siblings to each other so that they envy and distrust each other?

The amount of emotional baggage and the lack of maturity that these people have makes them incapable of being parents. How can one expect an adult who has stopped developing emotionally at the age of 12 to raise emotionally stable children?

The truth is, anyone can give you “good” parenting advice, but what can you learn from that? To be a really bad kid, you have to put yourself in the shoes of known parents whose intentions are wrong at best and toxic at the worst possible time. They can teach you things you wouldn’t think of yourself. So if you are interested in breeding real losers, apply the following six steps as consistently as possible.

First step: leave your wife! Fight and argue with your wife whenever possible. Make sure your kids witness these explosions. Not respecting you as much as possible. Give your partner awful names and smear or slander them loud enough for your kids to hear them anywhere in the house. Remember that your children will listen to you. If you really want to mess up your child’s mind, tell your child the loser that the other parent is losing at every opportunity. These simple easy steps can speed you up to raise angry, vile, and disrespectful children. Remember that your son will tend to treat your wife the same way you treat your wife. If you literally follow these instructions, you will not only put your children on a path of self-destruction, but also your future grandchildren and future generations.

Step 2. Reject! Never hesitate to insult, criticize, reject and belittle your children. To cause constant damage, it must start when they are very young. Tell them constantly, “You’re stupid!” “you are a loser!” “You’ll never get anything!” “You’re a trash can!” “It looks awful!” You can quickly destroy their self-image by telling them they are fat or ugly. For further destruction, constantly compare them with a model in a magazine or TV show.

Step 3. Gossip! When your kids are listening, spread as much negative gossip about your family and neighbors as possible. Getting rid of your family members and neighbors is a great ability to develop and absorb into your children. This will ensure that your child will become a very critical person. If you have nothing bad to say, just do something, just make sure your kids are listening to you.

Step 4. Lie! Let your kids catch you lying and then deny. This is a very important step. You can never really ruin your kids unless you become an expert on “lying and denial”. Lie to your children and your spouse as often as possible. Be a master of “cover” and cover your tracks. Never confess a mistake or a bad deed. Most often he uses lies to hide lies. This will help your children not feel guilty when they do not admit their mistakes and are not responsible for their behavior.

Step 5. Buy it! Replace love with material things! This is perhaps the most important step. Because some parents do not love each other, it is difficult for them to love or show empathy. You can’t give love to another person if you don’t love yourself. The secret is to buy your kids! Replace love with bribes and material possessions. The more indignant their demands, the more they must be complied with.

Step 6. Be their friend! – I just heard a parent say, “All teens drink and smoke marijuana, what do I do? I’ll let them do the same so they can fit in with the crowd.” I totally agree with this educated father. Let your kids do what they want without limits. If your neighbor’s kids are drinking, let your kids do the same. All kids do, right? If your partner smokes loose marijuana, don’t teach your child that there is a better way.



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