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Simple Basketball Drills for the Kids

Kids who enjoyed playing a team game called basketball increase the enjoyment of parents who watched the game. A child who likes to play basketball learns a lot of things from the game. Someone who teaches children the right way to play basketball can struggle, especially when it comes to children. It can be difficult to teach children because sometimes they don’t listen to the coach or the person who teaches them. To teach children to play basketball properly, the coach or the person who teaches them should do step-by-step exercises that can be considered interesting for children who play basketball. Fun exercises will help the child learn the right way to play basketball; Children will be able to do the exercises when they play. Children learn by having fun and doing fun exercises for them will improve their thinking skills. Below are lists of exercises a coach can use when he wants to teach kids the right way to play basketball.

• Competition is the key for the children’s teams to cooperate. Most of them will do anything to win. So do an exercise, divide the kids into two teams and let them play basketball. The team that wins will receive something special from the coach, and the team that loses must learn to train more in the next match. With that, the kids will plan what they need to do in the next game to win. When the children’s coach tries this exercise, the children’s competitiveness will improve and they will try to win the next game when they learn to work together properly.

• In this next fun exercise for kids, listening, reflexes, speed and drops will be improved. The drills are called bright red and light green. To complete the exercise, the children must be in a straight line in front of you. Do not line children too close to each other. Let the children stand aside and double the distance between each child to avoid colliding with each other. After this is done, give each child a ball to drip slightly away from the child’s line. Give instructions on how to play the exercise. When you say the green light, the kids should avoid going ahead. When you say light blue, the kids drop to the left. When you say yellow light, the kids should avoid the right. When you say a red flag, they have to stop dripping and stay where they are. When the trainer is ready, the exercise can begin. This is a fun exercise that kids can enjoy.

• Another great exercise a coach can try is the tap. The tap can help your child stay active. Give instructions on how to play the exercise. The coach must have a ball in his hand, then hand the ball to a child. The child must clap before the ball reaches his hand. Children who do not clap before the ball reaches their hands or do not grab the ball and clap when the fake ball is delivered to the child lose. The last stand will be the winner.



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