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Which Brand Makes for the Best Electric Toothbrushes for Kids

Oral hygiene is one of the things to practice early in life as it will help your children follow a healthy routine around their teeth as they grow up. Over time, the baby teeth will be pulled out to make way for the mature teeth. If proper maintenance is not done, new teeth will not come in and old teeth will rot over time. That is why today there are many brands of toothbrushes available in the market. In fact there are many electric toothbrushes to choose from for children.

Among the best brands of electric toothbrushes for children:

1. Philips Sonicare for kids

This brush is available as a set. Each set comes with two heads, usually in different colors, from which a child can choose. The soft hairs are designed for superior brushing, while the ergonomic hand is designed for the comfort and convenience of children brushing. The design also ensures that kids have fun touching their teeth. Rest assured that Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes for children will always take care of children’s oral health.

There are two ways to choose on the electric toothbrush that allows children to touch each other. Low regime is for children aged 2 or over, and high regime is for children aged 7 or older. Each Sonicare toothbrush can also be recharged for a long life.

2. Electric Toothbrush of Oral B Children

The Electric Oral B Kids Toothbrush is a tough competition from Sonicare. These toothbrushes are said to be the best electric toothbrush for children due to their soft hairs rated according to levels. They are also available with cartoon designs that kids will definitely love.

Each Oral B toothbrush comes in a set that includes an ergonomically designed toothbrush for children and a Crest toothpaste, designed specifically for children. Each group is also classified below the stage level. Stage 1 is the ideal toothbrush for children 4-24 months, Stage 2 2-4 years, and Stage 3 5-7 years. All toothbrushes are designed to ensure that children enjoy the brushing experience.

Choosing an electric toothbrush instead of a regular manual toothbrush will ensure that you brush properly. Dentists recommend a brushing time of at least two minutes that children at a young age may not be able to meet. Any of these unwanted failures will only affect the development of children’s teeth, which is not an option. With the electric toothbrush for kids, the proper time and brush strength will be electronically tuned and adjusted, thus ensuring the best result for every fun brushing time performance.



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