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Why Parents Should Put Children Before Marriage

We live in an age where love, sex and intimacy seem to be the epitome of happiness for many people. Yes, we are looking for other ways to find happiness and fulfillment, but the divorce rate and the proportion of single-parent families compared to two-parent families tell me that parenting is less important to parents than marriage or that they don’t know the problem. . effects of divorce on children. Parents who leave an unhappy marriage for their children do not know all the facts or believe that divorce is the best for the children. The best wisdom is that the children of divorce suffer more than the children of unhappy marriages.

Here are 7 reasons parents put parenthood before marriage.

1. Children need parents more than a perfect home.

The influence of the father and the woman on the development of a child cannot be underestimated. A good mother, in balance, brings an aspect of care, protection and comfort to a child’s life, while a good father brings stability, security and strength to his child. Mothers tend to be more emotional and fathers more rational. Mothers tend to be more understanding and fathers more determined. A good mother could offer her child a shoulder to cry on, while a good father could teach his child how to get up and move on.

2. A child has the right to educate his parents

Marriage is a choice that two people make for themselves. People get married because they find someone who brings them happiness and contentment in life. Of course there is also the promise of living to please the other person. Although the phrase “for good or for bad” is still often said in wedding vows, this promise is broken more and more as couples discover that it is a promise they cannot or do not want to keep.

3. Being a parent is a moral duty, not a choice

There is never a time when parents and children live without being connected. Even if the father is separated, he will always be the father of his child. There is no divorce for a child. No kid says “Sorry, I don’t love you anymore, that just won’t work.” But when two parents say that to each other, they somehow say it to their child. Parents can circulate a divorce by telling the child “It’s better for you in the long run,” but the truth is, it’s not.

4. The child deserves it and expects it

During their formative years, children depend on both parents to show that they are dedicated to them. They need to see that they are loved and know that their home is stable and safe. They need to know that no matter how many storms the family has to deal with together, the foundation of the family home cannot be shaken.

5. Husbands can expect a lot from each other, but children do not expect much from their parents.

Marriages are not perfect, as are relationships between parents and children. But a child deserves more understanding, support, support, love and security than their spouse. Finally, when two people get married, they agree to love each other and fulfill each other. When a child is born, such an agreement is not made. The child grows up and anticipates everything that will come to him.

6. A broken home results in a broken child

Sometimes along the way, when a child is raised by one parent or by two parents living separately, something is lost or broken in the child. Having two parents who do not want to stay together to give a stable home will do harm to the child. It may not appear until later in life, but a person from a broken home may find it difficult to form strong emotional bonds with others. Statistics show that people living in single-parent households are less successful in life, even years later, than people from two-parent families.

7. Prioritizing parenting can save a marriage

Children should never be used as an excuse not to leave marriage, but they can be the reason why one parent stays in the marriage. The difference is that if a parent knows that providing a stable, loving and peaceful home to raise their children will give them the best possible start in life, they can give them the decision that they need to work harder on their marriage. than if they were not parents. While not leaving the marriage because of the child is a mindset that can lead a parent a lot of responsibility to their children for their own personal happiness.



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